General Discipline

General Discipline

Great emphasis is laid on discipline, punctuality, regularity in attendance, respect of elders and teachers and fundamental moral values. The outlook is secular but based on spiritual foundation. Students are encouraged to understand and practice their own faiths, parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities fully in this regard.

  • Students must at all times conduct themselves with dignity both inside the campus and outside. They must respect the elders and greet them whenever they meet them.

  • They must not enter or leave a classroom without permission. They must stand when a teacher enters or leaves the classroom.

  • Using foul language and impolite behaviour will be severally dealt with and may result in expulsion of the student.

  • Students must be punctual report on time whenever they are expected and submit any assignments given, on time.

  • Students are expected to be regular and sincere in applying themselves to their studies.

  • Students must refrain from causing damage to school property, writing on walls, damaging furniture and dirtying the floor. If any damage is done to the school property, he / she should pay the cost with penalty.

  • Students should not collect money for any purpose charitable or otherwise, inside the campus without the permission of the Principal. Students may not circulate novels, periodicals or newspapers in the school.

  • We expect our students to have a high sense of integrity. While every effort is taken to instill a sense of moral values, any serious deviation from expected norms of behaviour will be dealt with.

  • Stealing, tampering with records, bullying peers or juniors and discourteous attitude to elders are offences that will not be tolerated on any account.

  • Pupils coming late shall not be admitted into the class, without the permission of the Principal. Punctuality is essential for character building. If the late coming is repeated, the pupil will be sent back home.

  • Pupils must come in neat and tidy school uniforms. No pupil shall leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.

  • No pupil can absent himself for a day or a part of the day except on submission of written application from parents/guardian.

  • Pupils who are absent from the School without intimation for more than a fortnight will have their names struck off from the rolls and are as an ideal not readmitted.

  • Pupils not returning to the school after holidays are liable to have their names struck off from the rolls.

  • If pupil is absent owing to illness or otherwise, he/she must on his/her return bring a note written on the special page provided for the purpose in the pupil's diary, and signed by the parent or immediate guardian testifying to that effect. In case of longer illness, i.e., lasting more than week, the Principal should be informed in writing by the parents/guardian.

  • Pupils except the pre-primary students are expected to look after their own things. Parents and guardians should see that their children do not bring any costly materials to the School or lend / borrow from others. In any case the pupils are responsible for their belongings and the School is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to their property.

  • All pupils are responsible to the School Authorities for their conduct in and outside the school as long they are the pupils of the school.

  • Every pupil must possess a copy of the School Diary which should be brought to the Class on all days.

  • Pupils will ordinarily be not available on telephone. Parents and guardians in emergency may contact the office who would convey the message.

  • Any violation / deviation from the above rules, shall be sufficient reason for expulsion of such students.

  • Breach of Discipline: The school authorities will inform parents of any severe breach of discipline by their wards.

  • Actions:
    1. Students will be counselled on minor in disciplinary acts. On major in disciplinary acts they will be issued with warning letter and parents will be informed of the same.

    2. On issue of warning letter for major in disciplinary acts, the disciplinary committee will recommend the matter to the Principal for handing over of TC to the child.

    3. The school reserves the right to suspend or to take strict disciplinary action against a student whose conduct is harmful to other students.

  • Note to Parents:
    1. Parents and guardians wishing to meet the Principal should take appointment before hand either on phone or by letter.

    2. No parent, guardian or visitor is allowed to see the pupils or interact with the teachers during class hours without the prior permission of the Principal.

    3. Parents and guardians are earnestly requested to enforce regularity and discipline and see that their wards devote sufficient time to study at home daily and also during vacation.

    4. The engagement of private tutors is not approved by the Education Department and parents and guardians should not engage any of the school teachers as private tutors without the prior written permission and approval of the Principal.

    5. Parents should not offer any gifts to any member of the staff or arrange any function arranged in their honour, this requires prior permission of the Principal.

    6. Vehicles must be parked in the parking lot. Parents and attendants waiting to collect their children must wait in the specified place and not walk into the class rooms.

    7. All pupils should have their lunch in the school during the prescribed hour and only vegetarian food is allowed. Lunch will be supervised by teachers. Parents are requested to mention the Name. Class and section clearly on the Lunch Basket. Parents are not allowed during lunch hours.

    8. Parents are expected to monitor their ward's academic progress and attitude development carefully and cooperate with the school authorities in following the remedial measures recommended.

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