House System and Prefectorial Body

House System and Prefectorial Body

The House system is a very important aspect of our school. The student of this school are grouped into six different houses namely Dhruva.Prahlada. Bhishma. Arjuna.Kama. Abhimanyu.

Every student is allotted a house. He/She takes part in various activites under apartivular house which fosters and encourages keen and healthy competition in all aspects of their chool life in the classroom and on the play fields.

Since all competitions are held on house basis. house loyalties are the strongest.A regular record of students participation and achievements in house activities is maintained and points are awarded to each house. The inter- House competitions are beind conducted throughout the year and Sports Day/ Annual Day gives a final to those competitions. Both students and the hosse Masters keenly await this events.

Each house is headed by a boy and a girl designated as House Captains. The heads of each house are two house- captains, aboy and a girl.Members of the staff act as House Masters. They look after the general performance of their wards. in games, sports, literary, o-curricular activities etc.

Best all round students from the Senior Classes are nominated as Captains. Vice-Captains. Prefects and Asst. Prefects to form the Student Governments with the Head Boy and the Head Girl as their Chiefs.

Rolling trophies are awarded for excellence in games, sports, studies and cultural activities. The House that scores the maximum points is awarded House Championship shield for that particular year.


The investiture ceremony is held in July. The Principal or the Guest of Honour administers the Oath of office to the Head Boy. Head Girl and their deputies affirming from them that they would abide boy all the rules and regulations and be loyal to the Schhol.

The Prefectorial Body helps in maintaining disciplineand conducting co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The school also sets aside one day in a year (Teachers Day) when the management of the school is left to the Prefectorial Body.

The School is quite alive to its responsibility of inculcating leadership qualities among students.The students are thus trained to shoulder positions of responsibility.

There are School appointments. House appointments. Class appointmetns etc., The class monitors perform duties assigned to them by the class teachers.

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