Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Darpan - School Magazine

We are happy to know that Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Sri Venkateswara Vidyalaya is bringing its 26th edition of the school magazine “Darpan” in the form of an e-magazine.

Message from Director

Education is knowledge combined with wisdom and ethics. The aim of a school is to promote a system of integral education in a congenial, child friendly environment that emphasizes the unity of all knowledge, synthesizes humanity and science, and recognizes the fact that each child is unique. Education should enable the students to ar high-morally, socially, and spiritually

God has always showered His choicest blessings on Bharatiya vidya Bhavan’s Sri Venkateswara Vidyalaya. Time and again we have felt the presence of the Divine Power in our midst. During the pandemic, the whole country was locked. The obstacles faced by us have been turned into great opportunities by the blessings of the Almighty. The support extended by the parents and well wishers is highly appreciable.

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