Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Tests, Examination & Promotion

1) Promotion to the next higher class is based on the students performance during the whole year. The school has a system of continuous assessment with, Internals, Assignments/ Projects, Orals, Formative and Summative tests spread all through the year.

2) Promotion from one standard to the higher will be strictly in accordance with the rules framed by the school from time to time and conduct and progress of the pupil in the school during the year. The decision of the school authorities in matters of promotion shall be final and no representations either for promotion or detention shall be entertained.

3) Evaluation methods will be observed as per the directions of the CBSE at different levels for Students performance. Students should obtain Minimum Learning Level equalling 33% in every subject for clear pass.

4) Attendance in all Unit Tests, Terminal Examinations including Oral Test, is compulsory. In case of illness medical leave can be granted during the tests on production of a proper medical certificate.

5) No re-test will be conducted to the absentees for any examination unless and otherwise the school engages them on any special job.

6) A minimum of 75% attendance is compulsory for a student to be eligible for promotion. Students will be detained for shortage of attendance in spite of good academic performance.

7) Semester system is followed in classes I to X. Only Grades will be recorded in Progress Report for all classes from I to X.

8) Academic and non-academic performance of students in Internals, Unit and Terminal Exams will be notified regularly in the Performance Record/Report Cards for parents guidance and co-operation.

9) The Annual Results will be declared in the last week of March for classes I to IX. ALL DUES OF THE YEAR SHOULD BE PAID FOR AWARDING THE ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORTS TO THE STUDENTS.


Students who have been detained in the same class for two consecutive years shall not be allowed to continue in the school.

Achievement Record/Report: The Progress Reports sent to the parent periodically, should be signed by the Parent/Guardian and returned to the class Teacher the next day.